Luke Barger

Document Of Deeds by Luke Barger

this is a document with a timeline to try and express my spiritual walk with God since the time I was young


In 2001 my dad decided to propose to my mom on Christmas Day and make things right by God.

And on May 17th 2002 He was married to my mom. 

This was a significant step of faith in the right direction.

In a church camp meeting in August 2002 they encountered the Holy Spirit together and allowed Jesus to mold them.

They had been radically set apart. Had been set ablaze by the Fire of God and made a decision to follow God and not themselves.

Being touched by God they had made a decision in their heart to bless the poor, and preach the good news of the Gospel.

Went to RBI (River Bible Institute) in 2004 and 


"It's a little big to me now, but I remember Christmas of 2001 proposing to your mom and I remember at another time deciding to propose because it was the right thing to do before God or at least to get married was and so I think it's possible that the journey started in November 2001 and culminated in the supernatural experiences that we begin to have that spring into the summer including at that camp in August 2002" - Dad (Adam Barger)


Camp Meetings
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