Luke Barger

Hello, I'm Luke Barger. I am a follower of Christ. I have been given power by the Holy Spirit to heal the sick. I have prayed for cancer to leave and the person to be healed on several occasions. The gift of healing has been attached to my Spirit and I long to give it away. So after miracles started following I did that. I traveled a far way to find a church willing to receive the message I had. And I spoke to them with authority in the Holy Spirit and gave them the same anointing and blessing on my life. Each of them took it really quickly and started doing and seeing the same. Miracles broke out from those men and women's hands and I still have good communication with that church. More impressive than them all receiving the authority given to me by the Holy Spirit and healing in the name of Jesus was that they continue to do so.

This same authority lives in me. His name is Jesus Christ. The full gospel is a part of every part of my being. I am made in the love of God. To reflect His Nature & Character which is what we call love. That is what God asks us as the Body of Christ... To love one another and look after one another, unlike the story of Cain to Abel. To be our brother's keeper. To be a friend to the friendless, to represent the Nature & Character of God everywhere we go. Who else but us to do it? Trust me, God wants to use you the most.